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Senators Pryor and Manchin join list of ENDA supporters, contact your senators now

On Monday, Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act will come up for a vote before Thanksgiving, and Senator Bill Nelson added his name to the bill.

Late Tuesday came word that Senator Mark Pryor will vote yes on ENDA.

Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times:

I’ve just received a brief message from Sen. Mark Pryor’s office. It’s big news. Said a note from Michael Teague of his staff:

“He’ll vote yes on ENDA.”

This is big news.

Then moments ago Senator Joe Manchin jumped on board.

Jeremy Peters of the New York Times:

Senator Pryor is No. 58 and Manchin No. 59 on the road to passing ENDA. That’s a strong majority, but unfortunately because of the unprecedented GOP obstruction that has subjected most issues before the Senate to a super majority 60-vote threshold to overcome filibusters, we’re still one vote shy of success. One vote.

It’s unconscionable that, once again, unprecedented obstruction is threatening fairness.

ENDA and workplace fairness for all have a clear majority on their side, but every vote is still critical. Thank those already in support for protecting LGBT workers. Tell those who aren’t yet on board to say yes to common sense and no to anti-gay extremists.

The time is now – pass ENDA!


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