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Sessions’ Credibility is Shot


People For’s Arn Pearson knows that we cannot trust Attorney General Jeff Sessions. During his confirmation hearings, Sessions misled the Senate Judiciary Committee about his multiple contacts with Russian officials. These lies about Russia were not the only ethical issues with his testimony. Nor are they the latest details uncovered about the Trump administration’s corrupt relationship with Russia. Sessions dodged repeated questions during his hearing about whether he would recuse himself from a broad range of situations involving potential conflicts; now with his hand caught in the cookie jar, he finally decides to recuse himself from this one matter because of his own, direct, personal involvement. That’s not sufficient. Sessions has to resign.

Pearson writes in a USA Today column:

Sessions pleaded ignorance about grounds for his recusal more than a dozen times, on everything from conflicts of interest plaguing the president and his family, to Constitutional concerns over possible foreign bribes, potential Trump family insider trading violations, and the undue influence of major political donors.

If he lied about his contacts with the Russian government, why should we believe him about anything else?

Sessions’ credibility is shot as the nation’s top law enforcement officer, and he should step aside.


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