Stars Celebrate 30 Years of PFAW Foundation

On Monday night, stars and political leaders gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate the 30th anniversary of People For the American Way Foundation. California Gov. Jerry Brown, PFAW Foundation board members Alec Baldwin and Tracey Edmonds, Jane Lynch,, Rob Reiner, J.J. Abrams, Lisa Ling and others joined the celebration.

Entertainment Tonight was there and put together this video of stars discussing the influence of PFAWF founder Norman Lear and the importance of People For the American Way Foundation’s work:

The Huffington Post was also there and filed this report. Among the speakers at the event was Lynch, who spoke about the importance of PFAW Foundation’s work on marriage equality:

Lynch spoke of her marriage to her wife, Lara Embry, in 2010 in Massachusetts. On equality for all, she said to the room, "You have been fighting for me, and I thank you. This is a topic that is particularly important to me. Last time I checked, same-sex marriage has not ruined anyone else’s marriage."

Norman Lear, Lyn Lear, Alec Baldwin  Doris Roberts, Normal Lear

Jane Lynch, Norman Lear,  "Alec

J.J. Abrams, Rob Reiner, Tracey Edmonds, Norman Lear  Carl Reiner, Rob Reiner


UPDATE: Watch Norman Lear, Alec Baldwin and members of the Young Elected Officials Network discuss PFAW Foundation’s work:


30th Anniversary, Norman Lear