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This Mother’s Day, Remember the Harm of Trump’s Family Separation

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Days before Mother’s Day, we urge everyone to think about the mothers who have been separated from their children and the many more who still have not been reunited. In addition to the thousands of families who are separated every day through systems of mass incarceration and detention, Trump’s family separation policy forcibly separated thousands of babies, toddlers and children from their parents.

One year after the Trump administration instituted the heartbreaking family separation policy, the horror continues. Fueled by anti-immigrant vitriol, Trump’s cruel policies at the Mexico-U.S. border are making for unsafe and downright abusive conditions for immigrant women and children. He has blocked refugees from applying for asylum and implemented pay fees making the situation even more dire. Immigrant arrests, including those without criminal convictions, has tripled. And after his failed hostage takeover for a racist wall and the resignation of Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump is saying that he wants to take an even tougher stance.

Keep fighting back today and through the 2020 election, and don’t let anyone forget the harm being done to immigrant families by the Trump administration. Share these graphics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond to remind others this Mother’s Day that no child deserves this.

1. In 2018, more than 3,000 children were ripped away from their families at the border scattered to 121 facilities across 17 states.

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2. The Trump administration continues to separate children from their parents at alarming rates despite the fact that a federal judge barred his barbaric “zero-tolerance” measure.

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3. The total number of children who the government separated from parents is still unknown. The Trump administration has no mechanism for reuniting those families. While they figure it out, the children will remain separated for their families.

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