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Trump Judge Decisions Harming Biden and Congressional Efforts

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Trump Judge Decisions Harming Biden and Congressional Efforts

Below are links to blog posts that discuss decisions by Trump judges since January 2021 that have improperly interfered with initiatives by the current administration to help the American people in areas ranging from COVID-19 recovery to civil rights to immigration to environmental protection.

The first section, concerning decisions by Trump-appointed appellate judges and justices, lists blog entries that are also included in the search tool at the Our Courts, Our Fight website. The second section lists Trump district court decisions which are posted on the People For the American Way website at the link listed for each one below. This post will be updated approximately every month to list any new decisions. These rulings by Trump judges reinforce the importance of confirming Biden nominees to our federal courts at all levels as part of our fight for our courts.

Trump appellate judges and justices

Trump district judges


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