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Trump Wants Menashi on the Court That Just Ruled Against Him on His Taxes

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Trump Wants Menashi on the Court That Just Ruled Against Him on His Taxes

On November 4, a panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against President Trump’s efforts to block New York state prosecutors from subpoenaing his and his business’s tax records in a criminal inquiry. This is the same court that Trump aide Steven Menashi has been nominated to. With this being just one of several possible state and federal cases against Trump based in New York, it is no surprise that he would want one of his aides on this court.

In fact, Trump has already gotten Michael Park onto the Second Circuit. Park had been a partner in the far-right law firm currently defending Trump in this case.

Given Menashi’s high-level position in the White House Counsel’s office, he may very well have been involved in the president’s phone call to the Ukrainian president and the subsequent cover-up of the call transcript and summary. Senators on the Judiciary Committee wrote to him, asking specifically about this.

Menashi simply ignored them.

Menashi is scheduled for a committee vote this Thursday, November 7. Any senator who votes for him would be degrading the Senate just so a scandal-ridden president can get his aide onto a key court. That would be a sad legacy for any senator.


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