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#VoteTheCourts2020: Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris Discuss the Courts at She the People

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#VoteTheCourts2020: Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris Discuss the Courts at She the People

On April 24, at She the People’s first presidential forum in Houston, Texas, several Democratic presidential candidates spoke about a range of issues important to women of color. During the forum, attendees raised concerns about living as women of color in the current state of our country and asked the candidates to share their plans for advancing equality and justice for all.

Among the issues that were raised by the candidates is the current state and the future of the Supreme Court and the damage that right-wing judges have done to women of color.

Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif., mentioned the importance of our courts when discussing voting rights. She explained that “the most important … reason for people to care about the outcome of the election is the United States Supreme Court … there will be consequences for who will be president and what kind of court they will shape.” Harris underscored that she is aware of the gravity of the responsibility to nominate fair judges.

Forum moderators also asked Senator Bernie Sanders, D-Vt. to discuss his vision for our federal courts, particularly as Trump is “filling judgeships with right-wing, anti-women of color people.”  Sanders responded, “My pledge to you … is that as president of the United States, I will appoint Supreme Court justices and nominate [judges] all across the board who will represent the needs of people of color, of working people, and who are prepared to believe and fight for justice – not just the people on top.”

PFAW welcomes all Democratic presidential candidates to articulate their vision for the future of our courts and define the qualities their ideal judges or justices should possess. Want to help us out? Tweet us using the hashtag #VoteTheCourts2020 when you see or hear candidates discuss the courts on their websites, on social media, and in their speeches.


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