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What to Expect from the January 6th Hearings: PFAW Member Briefing

What to Expect from the January 6th Hearings: PFAW Member Briefing

On June 7th, 2022, People For President Ben Jealous, Senior Fellow Elie Mystal, Representative Jamie Raskin, and experts from our Right Wing Watch team went live to bring us up to speed on the events that led to the attempted coup and what to watch for when the hearings start.

“The violent crimes that took place during the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol were part of a broader criminal conspiracy to overturn the will of the voters. That conspiracy started at the very top, with former President Donald Trump. It included members of his staff and legal team. It included members of Congress. It included far-right-wing activists who were riled up by talk of civil war,” said Jealous. “It is urgently important that Americans learn everything we can about the scheming and planning that led up to the violent attempt to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. And it is important that we remain watchful about the steps they are taking now to give them a better chance at succeeding next time.”

Getting the truth is the first step in holding people accountable. That’s why People For the American Way’s Right Wing Watch program has been tracking the hearings to give us the critical context we need to understand how the key players in this criminal conspiracy worked together to make this insurrection happen. And we’ve pulled together their research and information on how you can take action to protect your community.

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