Will Your Representatives in Congress Fight Big Money?

The problem of money in politics is complex, and the solutions are equally multifaceted. There are a range of proposed reforms involving every branch of government, in various stages of progress. These commonsense solutions are measures that can—and indeed should—be enacted to curb the out-of-control spending in our political system.

To help voters know where those who are running for office stand on these solutions, a number of democracy advocacy groups, including PFAW, created a website where the public can look up candidates and see whether they are in support of critical reform measures.  Voters can search by zip code and see candidate responses to a questionnaire that covers proposed policies being discussed at the national level. Currently more than 260 candidates running for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have filled out the questionnaire.   

These reforms include amending the Constitution to overturn Supreme Court cases such as Citizens United, establishing and strengthening []small donor public financing programs, increasing transparency, and strengthening anti-coordination laws. Together, these measures constitute a comprehensive “Fight Big Money Agenda,” and PFAW and our allies have worked to encourage candidates up and down the ticket to publicly support them.  

Following the election we and our allies will be working to hold those that took the pledge accountable for following  through with their commitments and pushing for passage of these reforms in the 115th Congress.