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Your New Favorite Podcast: PFAW Launches “The Progressive Happy Hour”

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Your New Favorite Podcast: PFAW Launches “The Progressive Happy Hour”

In the Trump era, we could all use a podcast to help us unpack the most important news, strategize for progressive change, and raise a glass to the resistance. And it doesn’t hurt to throw in a little discussion of the latest pop culture headlines.

Officially launching today, People For the American Way’s new podcast “The Progressive Happy Hour” is all about talking politics with pop culture, organizing with attitude, and the Constitution with a couple of cocktails. Every week hosts Christin “Cici” Battle, director of Young People For Action, and Drew Courtney, PFAW’s vice president for communications and research, discuss the big stories of the day and strategize about ways to create the America we want.

Cici and Drew sit down with expert guests to discuss a range of issues—from the attacks on Black athletes engaging in peaceful protest, to the first Supreme Court term of the Trump era, to the anti-immigrant ads being run in the Virginia gubernatorial race, to Trump’s attacks on birth control. They also dive into the latest from the entertainment world, from Shonda Thursdays to Eminem to Star Wars.

You can listen to new episodes each week here on the PFAW website, or you can subscribe to “The Progressive Happy Hour” on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us on Twitter at @TheProgressHH for the latest.


The Progressive Happy Hour