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  • October 15, 2008 5:36 pm | ByWillard

    California Republican Party Ran into Voter Registration Problems Like ACORN’s In 2006

    Seems ACORN isn't the only organization that's had trouble with contractors submitting fraudulent voter registrations.Via Firedoglake: Faked names on voter registration forms. Error rates as high as 60 percent. Firing the people responsible for these errors. Investigations launched by local and…

  • October 14, 2008 9:44 pm | ByWillard

    Rove and “Voter Fraud”

    Drew mentioned earlier today that "voter fraud is an almost entirely synthetic issue, cooked up as an excuse to push restrictive voter ID laws."  One of the chefs: Karl Rove. (I'm sure you're shocked!)  Via Talking Points Memo comes a video from…

  • October 14, 2008 4:03 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    Undermining the Obama Presidency

    Ezra Klein points out how the right is using the ACORN pseudo-scandal to undermine the Obama presidency – before the election has even taken place. It's worth being very clear about what's happening here. It looks like Barack Obama is…

  • October 14, 2008 2:46 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    Everything You Wanted to Know About ACORN (But Were Afraid To Ask)

    Having (possibly? momentarily?) decided to back away from the anti-Obama character attacks that we thought we'd see over the last weeks of the campaign, the McCain campaign is now pushing the idea that the race is going to decided by…

  • October 10, 2008 11:55 pm | ByWillard

    Building Progressive Power at a Dangerous Moment

    The politics of Karl Rove are alive and well! As we near Election Day, we're seeing more smears and attempts at character assassination. The combination of win-at-all-costs politics and the growing financial crisis makes me nervous, because economic hardship has…

  • October 10, 2008 11:25 pm | ByWillard

    Three Decades of Covering the Court

    Radar magazine has a great interview this week with Linda Greenhouse, who recently retired after 30 years of covering the Supreme Court for The New York Times. It's a long, wide-ranging interview, so I'd recommend reading the whole thing, but…

  • October 10, 2008 7:29 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    Marriage in Connecticut!

    Break out the chilled champagne!As you may have already heard, the Connecticut State Supreme Court today ruled that the state constitution prohibits marriage discrimination.  That means that *gasp* same-sex couples will be treated like everyone else!It is, of course, worth…

  • October 9, 2008 8:40 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    Marriage Ban Update

    If the stock market didn't give you enough heartburn today, check in on Dana Goldstein's rundown of the fight to stop discriminatory anti-marriage amendments.  Many of these amendments will be close in the end, so take this as another reminder…

  • October 8, 2008 6:47 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    McCain Not Doing Obama Any Favors

    The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza outlines John McCain’s latest kinda-sorta-maybe change in tactics (we can’t say “strategy” because at this point it’s unclear whether McCain ever had one.)  Obama partisans are most likely very happy with the McCain campaign’s performance…

  • October 8, 2008 4:59 pm | ByPeter Montgomery

    Rolling Stone on the Makebelieve Maverick

    If you’re taking “the great schlep” or are just in conversation with friends and family members about the coming election, there’s a very revealing profile of Sen. John McCain in the current Rolling Stone: read it here.

  • October 7, 2008 9:25 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    Unpleasant Business and the First Amendment

    Glen Greenwald has a thoughtful and interesting reaction to the conviction of a man who might generously be called a “smut purveyor.”  After being found guilty of distributing pornography, the defendent, Paul Little, was sentenced to 3 years and 10…

  • October 7, 2008 8:21 pm | ByPeter Montgomery

    Redefining Dishonorable

    It’s not as if we didn’t see this coming, but the ugliness is still shocking.  McCain strategists, right-wing bloggers, and their Fox TV propaganda arm have decided that the only way to turn around the seriously slumping numbers for the…

  • October 7, 2008 2:45 pm | ByWillard

    Just in Time for Tonight’s Debate: McCain Bingo!

    John McCain and Barack Obama will meet in Nashville tonight for the second presidential debate -- and you know what that means. Debate games! Get your McCain Bingo here, courtesy Dan Vera, a friend of People For.And as with the first presidential…

  • October 7, 2008 1:03 pm | ByWillard

    LA Times: Roe in the Balance

    In case you didn't see, our president, Kathryn Kolbert, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times yesterday: Some advocates worry that the perennial cries of "Roe is falling" has had the effect of muting such claims."What we find scary is…

  • October 3, 2008 9:05 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    The Constitution Has An Answer!

    If you've been watching the magic wall on CNN, you might notice how much the hosts who use it like pointing out situations in which the Electoral College produces a tie.  How, pray tell, would we resolve such an impasse?Luckily,…

  • October 3, 2008 7:27 pm | ByWillard

    “Can I Wear My Obama T-Shirt to Vote on Election Day?”

    The Root answers the question, "Can I Wear My Obama T-Shirt to Vote on Election Day?"Short answer: It depends.Longer answer:An ominous e-mail has been causing quite a bit of confusion for voters recently. With an urgent warning to recipients, the e-mail claimsthat…

  • October 3, 2008 7:03 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    Biden on Bork

    At the Vice Presidential debate last night, Joe Biden referenced his leadership against Robert Bork’s nomination to the Supreme Court. And it didn't take me long -- it was hard to change, but it didn't take me long, but it…

  • October 3, 2008 2:06 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    This Is Why I Ask for a Paper Ballot

  • October 2, 2008 10:14 pm | ByWillard

    Video: Palin on the Supreme Court

    Here's more video from Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric — in which Couric asks her to name Supreme Court decisions she disagrees with and she lapses into confounded silence after naming only one, Roe v. Wade. I realize that…

  • October 2, 2008 10:05 pm | ByDrew Courtney

    AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka on Racism and Obama

    The entirely artificial brouhaha around Gwen Ifill’s book on “Politics and Race in the Age of Obama” is just the latest of the unfathomably complicated intersections of the two issues in this campaign. Without professing any great insight on the…