America’s Cabinet: Letters to Trump’s Cabinet

America’s Cabinet Secretaries wrote these letters to members of President Trump’s Cabinet in an effort to hold them accountable to doing what’s best for real people.

Members of America’s Cabinet: President Trump’s Cabinet is failing to protect Americans from gun violence

In the wake of yet another tragic mass school shooting in Florida, America’s Cabinet demands more than ‘thoughts and prayers’ – they demand action.

The Men of America’s Cabinet: The Trump Administration is Failing the #MeToo Movement

The men of America’s Cabinet send a clear message that they stand with survivors of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse and call on President Trump’s Cabinet to stand on the right side of history.

America’s Cabinet Secretary of Transportation Crisanta Duran: Proposing a new direction for America’s transportation safety

After four fatal Amtrak crashes in the past three months, Duran urges a greater investment in infrastructure to protect Americans and advance a sustainable, equitable transportation infrastructure.

America’s Cabinet Secretary of Education Paula Phillips: America’s teachers deserve more than a $1.50 per week raise

Description: Phillips demands respectable wages for educators and protections for students from Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

America’s Cabinet Secretary of Labor David Bowen: Protect American workers’ hard-earned tips

After the release of an internal Department of Labor report that reveals the tip-pooling rule’s negative consequences, Bowen urges Department of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta to do right by American workers.

America’s Cabinet Secretary of Treasury Jon Hoadley: Offering an alternative to the Treasury’s harmful fiscal and economic policies

Hoadley calls out Department of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for undoing hard-fought economic gains for all Americans and promotes a different vision for fiscal and economic policy.

America’s Cabinet Secretary of State Adam Morfeld: Now is the time to extend DACA protections

As the lives of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers hang in the balance, Morfeld urges Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to protect DACA recipients before its too late.

America’s Cabinet Secretary of Defense Daniel Riemer: Trump’s military parade diverts funding from where it’s most needed

In response to President Trump’s proposed military parade, Riemer calls on Secretary of Defense James Mattis to consider better and more responsible uses for the funds required, as well as the authoritarian implications of such a display.