America’s Cabinet Supporters

Natalie Foster

Co-chair of the Economic Security Project and Advisor to The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative

“The future of work is changing fast, presenting new and quickly evolving challenges to American workers. This makes it critical that we enact forward-thinking social policies that protect workers in the face of this rapid change. America’s Cabinet, made up young rising stars from across the country, embodies this proactive approach to the future of work and stands for shared economic prosperity among all American workers even in a time of economic uncertainty.”

Sarita Gupta

Executive Director, Jobs With Justice and Co-Director, Caring Across Generations

“Now more than ever we need America’s Cabinet to project a vision, a clear set of values, and a pathway that puts our nation on track to support families and communities across the country. Members of America’s Cabinet bring fresh and local perspective that puts forth a blueprint for our nation’s future.”

Mary Kay Henry

International President, Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

“When working people join together, they can make the impossible possible. This is exactly what we see with America’s Cabinet, a group of young elected officials who have come together to fight for a better future. They will stand up for working people’s ability to join together in unions for higher wages, affordable healthcare and financial security for every family. By standing together in solidarity, America’s Cabinet is at the forefront of the fight for a more just society, where all work is valued and all people respected.”

Ai-jen Poo

Executive, National Domestic Workers Alliance and Co-Director, Caring Across Generations

“America’s Cabinet shows us that the leaders and the solutions we need are already among us and ready to govern. It’s also a call to action, challenging each of us to do our part to change our politics and elevate the leaders we deserve.”

Erin Vilardi

Founder and Executive Director, VoteRunLead

We are proud to see powerful women as part of America’s Cabinet, ready to build a better future.  Congratulations VoteRunLead alumnae Cristanta Duran, Ilhan Omar, Paula Phillips and Faith Winter on your nominations. You are an inspiration!”