Meet America’s Cabinet

America’s Cabinet is a group of young local elected officials educating and informing the general public about what Washington should be doing now to support communities across America and offering a positive vision for how America can live up to its promise.

Secretary of Energy
Liz Bennett, State Representative

Cedar Rapids, IA

Secretary of Labor
David Bowen, State Representative

Milwaukee, WI

Secretary of Transportation
Crisanta Duran, Speaker of the House

Denver, CO

Secretary for Veterans Affairs
Mae Flexer, State Senator

Killingly, CT

Secretary of Agriculture
Mary González, State Representative

Clint, TX

Attorney General
Jane Kim, Board Supervisor

San Francisco, CA

Administrator of the Small Business Administration
Chris Larson, State Senator

Milwaukee, WI

Secretary of Commerce
Matthew Lesser, State Representative

Middletown, CT

Secretary of Health and Human Services
Dominick Moreno, State Senator

Commerce City, CO

Secretary of State
Adam Morfeld, State Senator

Lincoln, NE

Secretary of Education
Paula Phillips, School Board Director

Milwaukee, WI

US Trade Representative
Aaron Regunberg, State Representative

Providence, RI

Secretary of Defense
Daniel Riemer, State Representative

Milwaukee, WI

Chair of the Council of
Economic Advisers
Michael Tubbs, Mayor

Stockton, CA

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
Faith Winter, State Representative

Westminster, CO