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Defend the Black Vote

We will not be disenfranchised. Defend the Black Vote will fight voter suppression efforts and work to achieve record Black voter turnout in critical states across the country.

Defend the Black Vote is a campaign of People For the American Way.

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The Black vote is under attack.

Throughout the history of America, people of color have had to fight every step of the way for their right to vote. Against all obstacles thrown at them in 2020 and early 2021, voters of color turned out in record numbers. In response to that turn out, extremist forces are now doing whatever they can to pass laws and adopt procedures that will make it harder to vote, particularly for Black voters. In Georgia and Florida, and all around the country, state legislatures have passed bills designed to suppress voting rights – including making it illegal to hand out water to waiting voters.

With the filibuster having stalled the passage of federal legislation for now, we’re fighting to Defend the Black Vote in other key ways this year.

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