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Join People For the American Way in person and online in the fight for truth, justice, and the American Way. We host events across the country with our faith leaders, our young elected officials, and members like you. 

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From book clubs to member briefings to rapid response rallies, People For the American Way is always working to keep you on the frontlines of the work to protect our democracy. Join us at one of our upcoming events!

Image of Elie Mystal on right. On left, picture of the book cover of "Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy's Guide to the Constitution." Text on the photo reads People For the American Way Book Club Presents "Allow Me to Retort" with Elie Mystal Thursday November 1 4pm ET

Allow Me to Retort with Elie Mystal: People For the American Way Book Club

In Allow Me to Retort, legal expert, columnist at The Nation, and People For Senior Fellow Elie Mystal offers an easily digestible argument about what rights we have, what rights Republicans are trying to take away, and how to stop them. RSVP now to send in your questions for Elie Mystal to answer live!

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Rally for Affirmative Action Monday, October 31st from 8am -12pm ET at the U.S> Supreme Court at 1st and Maryland Ave NE in Washington, DC. RSVP at

Rally for Affirmative Action

On Monday, October 31, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in two cases concerning the consideration of race as one factor in college admissions at Harvard College and the University of North Carolina.

We’re rallying at the Supreme Court and online from 8am -12pm ET on October 31st.

Join us!

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