FAQs About S. 1 and the Role of Churches

Q: Why do we need the For the People Act to pass and become law?

A: Far Right lawmakers in dozens of states are trying to pass laws that will make it harder for Black and brown Americans to vote, and in several states they are already succeeding.  Throughout our history, when states have tried to do this the federal government has had to step in to ensure voting rights. This is one of those moments.

Q: Do we need Congress to pass the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, or both?

A: We need both! The John Lewis Voting Rights Act will help prevent states from restricting voting rights in the future. The For the People Act will help eliminate the voter suppression measures states are putting in place right now.

Q: What role can the Black church play in passing these laws?

A: The Black church has always been a leader in our nation’s civil rights and voting rights battles. The church speaks with authority on the moral issues of equal rights and racial equity.  Churches can and must play that role in our voting rights battle today.

Q: What can people do?

A: The For the People Act has already passed through the House of Representatives. Contact the White House and tell President Biden and Vice President Harris to demand that the Senate pass the For the People Act.