Time is Running Out: Confirm Fair-Minded Judges

Time is running out: The Senate must confirm judges NOW.

The clock is ticking on this session of Congress – and on the Senate’s ability to confirm President Biden’s judicial nominees before the end of the year. Right now, there are nominees who have gone through the whole process of being nominated, having confirmation hearings and being voted out of committee. They’re just waiting for a final confirmation vote on the floor before they can take their seats on the bench. And waiting…and waiting.

It’s time for the Senate to prioritize these confirmations. We need these highly qualified, fair-minded judges on the bench.

Your voice matters

Senators are responsible for confirming judges. And U.S. senators work for you, their constituents! They care when constituents contact them to say that judges matter. And they notice when constituents don’t speak up. You can make a big difference in the pace of judicial confirmations just by contacting your senators.

The nominees still waiting for votes

Take a look at the judicial nominees still waiting for votes across the country.

This is urgent

The Trump administration prioritized getting MAGA judges confirmed, pushing far too many of our federal court benches to the right. We need to confirm Biden judges who will make our justice system work for all of us, not just the wealthy and powerful. But the Senate is falling behind on confirming these judges. It’s not keeping up with the pace of judicial confirmations under Trump and Mitch McConnell. That’s dangerous, and we need the Senate to pick up the pace and confirm Biden judges now so we can rebalance our courts. 

Take action now

We need judges who work for all of us – not just the wealthy and powerful. Tell your senators: Confirm Biden’s judicial nominees NOW. 

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