Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth, and the Trials of American Democracy

About the Book

In this searing memoir, Congressman Jamie Raskin tells the story of the 45 days at the start of 2021 that permanently changed his life as he confronted the painful loss of his son to suicide, lived through the violent insurrection in our nation’s Capitol, and led the impeachment effort to hold President Trump accountable for inciting the political violence.

Congressman Raskin’s Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth, and the Trials of American Democracy provides a vital reminder of the ongoing struggle for the soul of American democracy and the perseverance that our Constitution demands from us all.

Take Action Now

You can take action now to protect our democracy.

  • Pass a democracy resolution in your city or county. Let’s get our elected officials on the record promising to recognize the results of our elections and protect our democracy. You can find all the information at democracyresolutions.org, and you can always reach out to us at People For for help.  
  • Tune in and amplify the next January 6th hearing – and keep tuning in. The Committee is meeting again this Thursday at 1pm ET. Make sure you tune in, and keep an eye on Right Wing Watch’s social accounts for in-depth coverage during the hearing. We need to know the full depth of what happened to hold these bad actors accountable – and make sure this never happens again.  
  • Join the January 6th Our Freedoms, Our Vote mobilizations from October 13th to 23rd to fight ongoing threats to our elections and hold Donald Trump and his MAGA allies accountable. Find an event near you at ourfreedomsourvote.org 

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