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Animated Video Wins $1,000 Cash in Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics


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Video with Splashy Animated Graphics from Student in Pittsburgh Is Seventh Weekly Prize Winner in Democracy For All Video Challenge

$57,000 in Cash Prizes Still Available With New Winners Announced Weekly

Today Say No to Big Money and People For the American Way announced the seventh of 14 weekly winners in a new contest tapping into the creative potential of Americans of all political stripes through short videos in support of a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics.

This week’s winner of the $64,000 Democracy For All Video Challenge is an animated video from a student based in Pittsburgh that highlights the need for a constitutional amendment to reform our campaign finance system so other pressing matters can be solved.  The short video mixes animation and music with a written script on screen.  The video explains: “We cannot solve the urgent problems of our time from catastrophic climate change to historic economic inequality without a government that works for the people…The time for change is now. A healthy democracy needs all of our voices.”

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Previous contest winners include videos tying a lack of campaign finance regulations to student loan debt and the excessive political influence of the chemical industry.  Last week’s winner was a video honoring the improbable flight of Florida postman Doug Hughes – who flew a gyrocopter onto the US Capitol in April in order to bring awareness to the need to fix our country’s broken campaign finance system.

From its August launch through December 2, contest entrants can submit a 30-90 second video that includes a call-to-action in support of the Democracy For All Amendment for a chance to win thousands of dollars in prize money, including a $25,000 grand prize. Supporters of an amendment to fix the nation’s campaign finance system have already submitted a diverse array of entries. 

“This video captures the urgency of the reforming our broken campaign finance laws in a way that is concise, engaging and ultimately uplifting,” said Jeff Haggin, president of Say No to Big Money.

“I believe we need nothing short of a mass movement of civil resistance to get money out of politics, and I saw this video contest as another way to build that movement,” added winner Kyle Amsler. “I know that accessible, quality education and healthcare services are blocked by corporate interests in this country due to their ability to influence and ultimately corrupt our government for their own personal and business gain. That is fundamentally wrong and I intend to fight it.”

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The Democracy For All Amendment is a proposal being considered by Congress, currently with 138 cosponsors in the House and 41 supporters in the Senate, that would overturn decisions like Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court case that paved the way for unlimited political spending by corporations and the super wealthy. 

Say No to Big Money, the official sponsor of the contest, and People For the American Way are partnering with Act.TV, Agenda Project, American Family Voices, Coalition to Restore Democracy, Coffee Party USA, Courage Campaign, Common Cause, Free Speech For People, National Priorities Project, PF Pictures, People’s Email Network, Public Citizen, and US PIRG in this effort, with the support of more than 140 other organizations. 

Full contest details and rules are available at

PFAW Executive Vice President Marge Baker and Say No to Big Money President Jeff Haggin are available to speak with press. To arrange an interview, please contact Alec Saslow at [email protected] or 720-319-4948.