Big Step Forward for Voting Rights in Florida


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PFAW Commends Governor Crist and State Clemency Board for Ex-Felon Reenfranchisement

Tallahassee—Today, Florida’s Clemency Board decided to expand voting rights in the state. The board has decided that some ex-felons, for example those who have committed non-violent crimes, will have rights automatically restored after paying their debts to society, while others will have to apply for restoration. In response, People For the American Way’s Florida Legal Counsel Reggie Mitchell issued the following statement:

“This is a major step forward for democracy in Florida. We commend Governor Crist and the Florida Clemency Board for expanding voting rights. Those who have paid their debt to society should be provided the opportunity to re-enter society as full citizens, and today’s decision brings us one step closer to that ideal.

“People For the American Way plans to work with the governor and the clemency board staff to ensure that all eligible citizens are notified of the restoration of their rights or the opportunity to have their rights restored. We will also continue to push for additional improvements. Ultimately, it is our belief that all Floridians who have paid their debt to society should have their full citizenship rights restored—automatically.”