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Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta, Pennsylvania Latino Leaders Denounce Donald Trump’s Year of Hate


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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Civil rights leader Dolores Huerta joined Pennsylvania Latino leaders at City Hall today to respond to the DACA+/DAPA Supreme Court decision and discuss why it’s critically important to stand up against anti-immigrant politicians like Donald Trump and Sen. Pat Toomey.

Huerta’s visit to Pennsylvania is part of progressive advocacy group People For the American Way’s “Donald Trump’s Year of Hate” campaign. This month marks the one-year anniversary of Trump’s campaign launch, in which he infamously described Mexican immigrants as “rapists.”  Since then, Trump has only increased his attacks against immigrants and Latinos. As part of the campaign, digital Spanish-language ads are currently running in Pennsylvania, which you can view here.

At the press conference today, speakers discussed Trump’s hateful campaign and the critical importance of the Latino vote.

“We must use the power of our vote to ensure that Donald Trump is never in a position to appoint Supreme Court justices,” said civil rights leader Dolores Huerta, a board member of People for the American Way. “He has demonstrated over the past year that he is unfit to be a leader for Latino communities and for all Americans. And Senator Toomey continues to hold the Supreme Court seat open for a Trump presidency. Latino voters can determine who wins and who loses in Pennsylvania.”

"Pat Toomey’s inaction on the president’s Supreme Court nominee is a failure of leadership for Pennsylvania,” said Philadelphia City Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sánchez. “The disgraceful things Donald Trump has said about Mexican immigrants and Puerto Ricans show that he doesn’t have the temperament or the judgment to be commander-in-chief. Until Senator Toomey renounces any support for Trump, he has to be held accountable for the positions of his party’s nominee. Latinos will make our voices heard loud and clear this November.”

“In the last year of Donald Trump's campaign, he has shown what a dangerous, divisive president he would be,” said Lizet Ocampo, director of Latinos Vote! and manager of political campaigns for People For the American Way. “From his rhetoric against judges and every day Americans to his policies for a mass deportation force, he's made it crystal clear that he is forcefully against the Latino community and we must vote against him."

"For our community, the stakes have never been higher, and we are ready to fight back against hate at the ballot box," said Yaheiry Mora, elections specialist, CASA.

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