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Constituents Make 200,000+ Calls to Congress Demanding Senate Convict and Disqualify Trump


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“Trump Is Not Above the Law” Coalition’s Grassroots Campaign Swells Ahead of Impeachment Trial”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, members of the bipartisan “Trump Is Not Above the Law” coalition announced a coordinated grassroots campaign to aid constituents in contacting their senators to demand that Donald Trump be convicted during the upcoming impeachment trial and disqualified from ever holding federal office again.

The groups—including People For the American Way, Common Cause, Daily Kos, Free Speech For People, Indivisible, MoveOn, PCCC, Public Citizen, Sierra Club, and Stand Up America—have already generated over 200,000 constituent calls to congressional offices demanding that lawmakers vote to impeach, convict, and disqualify the disgraced former president after he incited a violent insurrection led by white supremacists.

Americans in all 50 states have taken action to demand the Senate convict and disqualify, with the coalition coordinating the following actions:

  • People For the American Way has collected 32,900 signatures demanding conviction and disqualification.
  • Common Cause has driven more than 15,000 calls and 65,000 petition signatures.
  • Daily Kos has driven more than 30,000 calls, more than 255,000 letters, and 1.7 million petition signatures.
  • HAZMAT America has collected 13,591 petition signatures through calling for Trump to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Indivisible members have made more than 16,000 calls to lawmakers.
  • MoveOn members have made more than 60,000 calls to lawmakers.
  • Progressive Change Campaign Committee has driven more than 4,000 calls to all 100 senators, over 165,000 petition signatures, and 5,500 tweets to lawmakers.
  • Public Citizen has driven more than 2,500 calls and has coordinated organizing meetings attended by more than 1,000 activists, drawing more than 365,000 views on Facebook.
  • Sierra Club has driven over 27,000 calls to congressional offices, over 1,400 tweets, and over 10,600 emails to Members of Congress.
  • Stand Up America members have made over 52,000 calls to lawmakers from every state.
  • The Trump Is Not Above the Law coalition’s grassroots efforts will ramp up as the U.S. Senate trial begins the week of February 8. Volunteers across the country are scheduling in-district meetings to lobby their senators, and additional grassroots actions planned targeting key senators.

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