Court Overrules “No-Recount Rule” For Florida Vote Machines


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Neas: A Win for Voters

Officials of the People For the American Way Foundation (PFAWF) today lauded a decision by a Florida state administrative court to require that the results from electronic voting machines must be included when recounts are ordered in close Florida elections.

“This is a tremendous victory. It would mean that the next time there’s a squeaker of an election in Florida, voters will know that their votes will be recounted, and the data from the machines will be reviewed,” said Ralph G. Neas, PFAWF president. “This decision puts election officials on notice that electronic records must be preserved with as much care as any paper ballot.”

PFAWF intervened in the case brought against the Florida Department of State by the ACLU and other civil rights’ advocates. Neas urged state officials not to appeal the case.

“This decision can help restore voter confidence in the elections system in Florida. It’s the right decision and the right interpretation of state law. The court sided with the voters, and the Secretary of State should accept the judgment. In fact, we hope that the State will embrace this decision, and will go on to require voter-verifiable paper trails in time for the November elections,” he said.