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Dolores Huerta Joins National and Local Leaders in Las Vegas to Respond to Debate, Encourage Voters to Cast Their Ballots When Early Voting Begins


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People For the American Way also announces launch of Spanish-language TV and radio ads encouraging Nevadans to cast their ballots when early voting starts Saturday

LAS VEGAS—Following the third and final presidential debate, civil rights leader and People For the American Way (PFAW) board member Dolores Huerta joined national and local Latino leaders in Las Vegas to respond to the debate, encourage early voting, and address what’s at stake in the elections, especially for Latino voters.

The event was hosted by national and local groups including BattleBorn Progress, Center for Community Change Action, Feminist Majority (She Wins, We Win Campaign), For Our Future, Mi Familia Vota, Nevada’s Voice, NextGen Climate Nevada, PFAW, PLAN Action, and SEIU International. PFAW also announced new Spanish-language TV and radio ads targeting Donald Trump and Joe Heck and supporting Hillary Clinton and Catherine Cortez Masto (more info on the ads here). The event and ads are part of PFAW's Latinos Vote campaign.

Key Statements:

Dolores Huerta, civil rights leader and PFAW board member: “We must defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton, and Latino voters in Nevada have the power not just to do that, but also to elect Catherine Cortez Masto. Masto stands with us; Joe Heck has spent his time in the Senate voting against DREAMers, cutting Pell Grants for students, and trying to privatize Social Security. Let’s use our voices to stand up against hate, stand up against the dangerous agendas of Trump and the Republicans, and go vote! Si se puede!”

Artie Blanco, Nevada State Director of For Our Future: “Bad hombres, nasty women…What disrespect one candidate has for people, human beings. In the Latino community, respect is important. Respect in our families is important. Nobody calls my abuela a nasty woman.

“The pathway to the White House is through the West, through the strip of Las Vegas, and every Latino neighborhood in this state. We all represent the 20% of Latinos that will be deciding the election here in Nevada. It is time to reject dangerous attacks on women, on Latinos, on Filipinos, on veteran families, on Muslims. We cannot stand for that. And Joe Heck thinks we should give him a pass. He went along for the ride with Trump. In his own fundraiser, said I want to vote for Trump. So go vote, show up. Nevada will decide who’s in the White House and who’s in Congress.”

Sarah Bradshaw, She Wins We Win: “On equal pay for women, worker’s rights and workplace equality, LGBTQ equality, immigration reform and climate change – we know that Hillary Clinton and Catherine Cortez Masto are leaders.  We urge Nevadans – and especially Nevada women – to vote for Hillary Clinton for President and Catherine Cortez Masto for US Senate.”

Michael Keegan, PFAW President: “Donald Trump represents an unprecedented threat to our democratic system and our fundamental values of freedom and equality for all. It’s critically important we soundly defeat him this November, and Latino voters in Nevada in particular can be a key element in defeating Trump. But it’s not enough to just elect Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. By electing Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevadans will help to create a Democratic Senate that will do its job by giving fair consideration to Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees, passing comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship, and more, instead of continuing the Senate Republicans’ obstruction.”

Ben Monterroso, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota: “"This election is not over until the last eligible voter casts their ballot on November 8, Election Day. Latino voters in Nevada are poised to decide who will best represent our interests in the White House on a variety of issues that affect Latino Americans like immigration reform, healthcare, education, the environment, the economy, and voting rights. Our futures and our families depend on our vote, and we will not leave this decision up to anyone else."

Francisco Morales, Nevada State Director of Center for Community Change Action: “We need to prevent Joe Heck from taking over and inflicting his bad policies towards immigrants. The moment I saw him trying to rewrite history that he was for immigration reform, for DREAMers, I immediately thought about the time we asked for his help, his support, his leadership to ask for Republicans in the House to bring up comprehensive immigration reform. But he’s just not there with us. This Saturday is the beginning of early vote. Vote early, vote for your family, have your voices heard. And keeping with the theme of this election, have some great tacos! Let’s celebrate the beginning of early vote and make history as Nevada elects the next President and a new Senator.”

Lizet Ocampo, PFAW Director of Latinos Vote!: When Donald Trump wasn't smearing Latinos as 'bad hombres,' he was doubling down on mass deportation; promising that he'd appoint Supreme Court justices that would be devastating for the rights of women, workers, and immigrants; railing against Obamacare and trying to defend his economic policies that would hurt working families. But Latino voters in this state can make sure Trump loses. And Nevadans will defeat not just Donald Trump, but Joe Heck as well. We know that both are pushing a damaging agenda, but Nevadans can make their voices heard through voting starting on Saturday.

Rocio Saenz, National Executive Vice President of SEIU International: “Last night, Hillary Clinton laid out a vision based on inclusion and compassion, including comprehensive immigration reform in her first 100 days. She said we celebrate diversity, that we are a nation of immigrants. We have come from different places but we have a common goal: Building a better future for our kids, families, and communities. And we heard Trump’s vision, which is filled with hatred. He’ll bring in more hate, divisiveness, and disrespect. We know we have an incredible obligation to make srue there is no Trump America. This election is about us, our families, it’s about what we want this country to be: inclusive and compassionate, a country where all families can thrive. That’s why we Latinos will vote against Trump’s hate, insults, and divisiveness. We are making it clear that he’s not getting in the White House.”

Tom Steyer, President and Founder of NextGen Climate: “Hillary Clinton showed young voters—and all Americans—that she’s standing squarely in their corner. Clinton will transition to a clean energy economy, which will not only create a million jobs but will also address the most critical issue of our generation—climate change. Millennials are going to make the difference in this election and Clinton has shown voters that she’s the only candidate who will fight for the issues that matter most—like climate change, income inequality, education, and racial and gender equity.”

Viridiana Vidal, Nevada State Director for Nevada’s Voice: “At today's press conference national and state leaders reminded us why we can't allow Donald Trump to make it to the White House. He has promised to separate our families and has no respect for any human being, he has attacked women, immigrants, veterans and the disabled. It is precisely those who have been under constant attack for several months who will be the wall between Donald Trump and the White House, our vote will be that wall and believe me it will be a strong one.”

Alexander Zapata, Communications Director for PLAN Action: “If Donald Trump had a hope to win the immigrant vote, last night during the debate he lost all of his chances. His persistence on building a wall and deporting undocumented families continues to be a danger for our community. That is why this October 22 everyone that can vote has the opportunity to say no to Trump and yes to the future of our families.”

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