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Failure to Pass Dream Act a “Shameful Abdication of Responsibility”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 21, 2017

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In response to Congress’s vote to pass a continuing resolution without passing a clean Dream Act, People For the American Way Political Director Lizet Ocampo released the following statement:

“Congress’s decision to continue ignoring the plight of Dreamers is a shameful abdication of its responsibility to defend some of the most vulnerable young people in our country. No member of either party should be voting to head home for the holidays while hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients are living in fear of losing their status and facing deportation from the only country they’ve ever known. Republicans managed to find time to give tax cuts to billionaires and private jet owners—there’s absolutely no reason they can’t pass legislation to protect the Dreamers immediately.

“Politicians who are playing politics with Dreamers’ lives should be ashamed of themselves. These young people represent the best of what America has to offer—the cowards in Congress who won’t take up the Dream Act immediately represent the very worst.”

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