Fence Just Another Expense, Not A Solution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 30, 2006

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Senate fails to give the country what it really needs, comprehensive immigration reform.

The Senate today approved funding for the building of a massive fence along the U.S./Mexico border.

People For the American Way Vice-President of Hispanic Affairs Jorge Mursuli stated the following regarding the Senate’s action:

“Construction of a fence will cost taxpayers a fortune, but it won’t be money well spent. Enforcement-only legislation has been tried for 20 years and has failed spectacularly. Experts, including Tom Ridge, former secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, agree that if we want to achieve true border security, we need a comprehensive solution that takes economic and human realities into account.

“A real reform bill, like bipartisan legislation previously considered in the Senate, would include a temporary worker program, a family reunification program and a path to earned legalization for the 11 million undocumented workers already here.

“Congress had every opportunity this year to pass practical, realistic and long-lasting immigration reform. But Republican leaders opted for a short-sighted bill that they hope will translate into short-term political gains in November. It’s a cynical strategy, but not a cheap one.

“It’s long past time for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform. But for now, Americans and hardworking immigrants will have to wait. And we’ll all be footing the bill.”