Florida Supreme Court Ok’s Class-Size Initiative


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PFAW Statement

People For the American Way hailed today’s ruling by the Florida Supreme Court approving a class-size reduction initiative for the November ballot.

“Now the people can do for Florida’s children what the Governor and Legislature have not,” said People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas. “Everyone knows that Florida’s classrooms are overcrowded and make it harder for children to learn. Now we have to make sure that every Florida voter knows they can do something about it this November.”

Neas praised State Senator Kendrick Meek, the driving force behind the class size initiative, calling him “the best friend Florida’s children and parents could hope for.”

The initiative would amend the state’s constitution to cap class sizes for students in Florida public schools. Studies of class-size reduction programs confirm that smaller class sizes in early grades have a long-lasting impact on student achievement. People For the American Way Foundation joined a friend of the court brief in the Florida Supreme Court in support of the initiative.

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