Gonzales Narrowly Wins Judiciary Committee Approval


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Strong Opposition to Attorney General Nominee Reflects Deeply Troubling Record, Indicates Serious Debate Likely in Full Senate

Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales was narrowly approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which voted 10-8 along party lines to send his nomination to the floor. People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas praised members of the committee who refused to be bullied into rubber-stamping the controversial nominee, and called on all Senators to carefully review the serious questions raised about the nominee’s public record, especially his commitment to basic constitutional principles and the rule of law.

“Alberto Gonzales has failed to answer the serious questions that many Americans have raised about his ability to serve as attorney general given his record of consistently advancing the goals of the administration even when they conflicted with the law and the Constitution,” said Neas. “We applaud the Senators who are taking their constitutional advise and consent responsibilities seriously and are resisting political pressure to rubber-stamp this nomination. We look forward to a vigorous debate in the full Senate.”

Neas noted that just weeks ago, there was little direct opposition to Gonzales’ confirmation, but that opposition has grown in the wake of a confirmation hearing in which Gonzales failed to address the many questions raised about this role in developing and supporting policies that have eroded civil liberties as well as America’s commitment to international treaties and human rights standards.

People For the American Way announced its opposition to Gonzales’ confirmation as U.S. Attorney General on January 4, 2005.