Huckabee Seeks to Amend Constitution to Meet ‘God’s standards’


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Statement by Peter Montgomery, People For the American Way Vice President for Communications:

Mike Huckabee, who complains that it’s unfair when reporters ask him about religion, is on the campaign trail urging that the U.S. Constitution be amended to meet “God’s standards” about the family. (Watch the video here)

I hope Huckabee’s opponents and the reporters covering his campaign will ask him exactly how he intends to change our Constitution.

Back in September, Huckabee promised a gathering of Religious Right activists that he would push for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as “one man, one woman, for life.

Does Huckabee mean what he said? Does he want an amendment to make divorce unconstitutional? What other ways would he amend the Constitution to meet his interpretation of “God’s standards?”

Mike Huckabee’s desperate push to energize his supporters is revealing his deeply flawed view of our Constitution, and reminding Americans why the separation of church and state is so important.