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In Florida: People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! Announces Six-Figure Election Day “Ad Blitz” Featuring Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas; Economy Focused Ad Also Running

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2020

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Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Panama City, Tampa, and Miami, FLORIDA— Today, People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! program announced an Election Day “ad blitz” on both Spanish and English language radio stations across Florida. The ad features Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, who touches on the state of our country and encourages voters to cast their ballot for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In the ad, Taboo emphasizes the importance of voting and making sure voters stay in line or drop off ballots at polling locations, saying “they can’t stop us” from voting.

The ad will run on 27 stations across the state, including stations in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Panama City, and Tampa.

Listen to the ad in English here.

Listen to the ad in Spanish here.

View on Twitter in English here.

View on Twitter in Spanish here

PFAW’S Latinos Vote! program also added to their Spanish language radio buy in Miami with a new ad focused on the economy, titled “Vota Ahora,” starting this past Friday and running through Election Day. The ad is running on Miami’s top five Spanish-language stations.

Listen to that ad here.

There are an estimated 32 million eligible Latino voters nationwide and an estimated 2.5 million registered Latino voters in Florida alone, which represents 17 percent of all registered voters in the state. This year, Latino voters will be the largest racial or ethnic minority participating in a presidential election.

“Florida can be the state that ends the national nightmare that is Donald Trump,” said President of People For the American Way Ben Jealous. “We are now entering the eighth month of a pandemic that this president and his inept administration continue to downplay and ignore. Floridians have watched as their family, friends and neighbors have lost their livelihoods, and in too many cases, their lives, because of Donald Trump’s failures. They know that the Biden/Harris ticket offers the competent leadership that can turn these crises around.”

“Trump’s failures on coronavirus and the economy continue to devastate Latino communities in Florida,” People For the American Way board member, civil rights and labor leader Dolores Huerta. “We cannot endure four more years of this president. Tomorrow, it is critically important to get out the vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who will provide the public health and economic solutions to the pandemic that Latinos desperately need.”

“Latino voters have long served as the backbone of Democratic politics in Florida, and this election is no different,” said People For the American Way Political Director Lizet Ocampo. “We are making a final push to engage the Latino community across Florida because we know that it will be Latino voters that carry the Biden/Harris ticket to victory.”

TABOO Black Eyed Peas Ad:


What’s up everybody, this is Taboo, Black Eyed Peas and just like you, we are worried about everything that’s going on with COVID: people dying, people can’t afford healthcare, businesses struggling.

But together we can do this.

Family, we gotta vote. We gotta put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House. They don’t just believe in doctors, scientists, and experts, they’re working hand in hand with them to create plans to get this going since day one.

There are a lotta people out there who don’t even know where to vote.

They want to try to dissuade you. Why do you think that is? It’s because they know you – we – can actually decide this election.

So let’s get it done, ya’ll.

Go to the polls. Let’s stay in line.

And if you have to drop off your ballot, make sure you drop it off at a polling location.

It’s not too late. Let’s go vote. They can’t stop us, y’all.


Hola amigos, soy Taboo de Black Eyed Peas y como ustedes estoy muy preocupado con lo que está pasando con COVID: la gente se está muriendo, el seguro médico está muy caro para muchos, y los negocios están cerrando.

Pero juntos si podemos hacer algo.

Familia, tenemos que votar. Por fa, tenemos que votar.

Tenemos que poner a Joe Biden en la Casa Blanca. Y no solamente cree en los doctores, científicos, y expertos, él está trabajando con ellos y creando planes para poner acción desde el primer día.

Entonces, hay que hacerlo.

Ve a votar. Vamos a votar. No nos pueden detener. Vota.



Joe Biden sabe que se necesita más que solo palabras para que la economía se recupere y ayude a que todos los que vivimos en los Estados Unidos salgamos adelante.

Por eso, él ya está trabajando con expertos para desarrollar planes que crearán millones de buenos empleos a través de inversiones en infraestructura y energía limpia, para recortar los impuestos de la clase media, y para que Obamacare sea mejor, reduciendo el costo de los seguros y de los precios de los medicamentos.

¡Sí! Joe Biden ya está trabajando desde hoy para estar listo el primer día como presidente para reconstruir nuestra economía mejor de lo que estaba antes de esta crisis! ¡Y además él va a unir a nuestro país! ¡Ponte la mascarilla y ve a votar ahora mismo por Joe Biden para presidente!

English Translation:

Biden knows it takes more than words to have the economy recover and help all of us who live in the US that in this country to get ahead/flourish.

That’s why he’s already working with experts to develop plans that will create millions of good jobs through investments in infrastructure and clean energy, cutting middle class taxes, and making Obamacare better, lowering the cost of insurance premiums and drug prices.

Yes! Joe Biden is already working today to be ready on day one as the president to rebuild our economy better than it was before the crisis! And he’s also going to unite our country! Put on your mask and go and vote today for Joe Biden for president!


About Latinos Vote!

People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! program exposes and counters anti-immigrant, anti-Latino rhetoric and policies. Through electoral work and issue-based campaigns, we hold groups, leaders and influencers accountable for the harm they do to immigrant and Latino communities. For nearly ten years, we’ve run bilingual paid and earned media campaigns in swing states where the Latino vote can be decisive.

El programa Latinos Vote! de People For the American Way expone y combate la retórica y las políticas anti-inmigrantes y anti-latinos. Nuestro programa se organiza mediante trabajo electoral y campañas basadas en temas especificos. En estas areas hacemos responsables a los grupos, líderes y a personas de influencia por el daño que causan a las comunidades inmigrantes y latinas. Por casi diez años, hemos realizado campañas pagadas y logrado campañas ganadas en medios bilingües destinadas a ganar en los estados claves donde el voto latino puede ser decisivo.

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