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In Maryland: People For the American Way Congratulates Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott on Primary Win        


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Washington, D.C./Baltimore, MD – People For the American Way is excited to congratulate incumbent Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott on his victory in the Democratic mayoral primary. People For endorsed Mayor Scott and ran a radio ad campaign supporting his re-election.

“We are thrilled by Brandon Scott’s well-deserved victory,” said People For the American Way President Svante Myrick. “Brandon won because he ran on his record of success: improving public safety, investing in Baltimore’s kids, and promoting smart economic growth. Baltimoreans know Brandon has their best interests at heart. He deserves another term to keep building on the progress the city is making and we are very proud to support him.”

“Brandon Scott’s win in the primary is a win for Baltimore and Baltimoreans,” said People For the American Way National Political Director Markus Batchelor. “We at People For have known Brandon for years and we are positive that nobody loves the city more than Brandon does. He’s been there for Baltimore through some very tough times and he’s never stopped fighting for a better future for his city. He’s been a great mayor in his first term and he’ll be an even greater one in his second.”

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