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In Virginia: People For the American Way and Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe Release New Radio Ad Targeting Black Voters


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Washington D.C./Richmond, Virginia —Today, People For the American Way, in partnership with the campaign for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, announced the latest release in a six-figure statewide media campaign in Virginia, focused on reaching Black voters and engaging them in support of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe in the state’s gubernatorial election.

The new radio ad, titled “StandsWithUs,”  focuses on McAuliffe’s plan to help improve Virginia’s economy with higher wages and new job training programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – policies that will benefit Virginia’s Black community and all of the commonwealth’s working families. It also highlights Republican Glenn Youngkin’s ties to Donald Trump and his denial of the importance of COVID relief for small businesses, schools and more, which he has called “unnecessary.”

The ad will run on stations in Virginia through Election Day on November 2. Virginians began voting on September 17.

Listen to the latest ad here.

Listen to the first ad here.

“We just survived four years of bigotry, racism and hate under Donald Trump,” said President of PeopleForthe American Way Ben Jealous. “Now, less than a year removed from the January insurrection, Glenn Youngkin, a Trump-fanatic eager to bring his and Trump’s divisive agenda to Virginia, stands a very real chance of becoming the next Governor of Virginia. We cannot let that happen. Ensuring Black Virginians understand what’s at stake on November 2nd and making their voices heard at the ballot box is critical to preventing Virginia from taking a giant leap backwards.”

“The pandemic created unprecedented challenges for Virginians, and I am running for governor to create good jobs, invest in education, and lift everyone up,” said Terry McAuliffe. “I have a plan to create good-paying jobs, raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2024, ensure every Virginian has access to paid sick, family and medical leave, and invest in job training and workforce development. Glenn is focused on lifting up his and Donald Trump’s divisive agenda that would roll back voting rights, destroy our economy and funnel public school funding to private schools. Glenn Youngkin has said he’s running for Donald Trump, but I promise you Virginia I am running for you.”



This past year, wehave been through it.

Covid… hit OUR COMMUNITYthehardest….

And as we fight our way back, we need a leaderwho stands WITH US.

That leaderis Terry McAuliffe.

Terry knows there is no “comeback” without good jobs that paywell.

Sohe’sfighting to raise the minimum wageand for new job training programs.

And after this health crisis,Terry McAuliffe knowshaving paid time off to take care for a sick family memberis a right.

Terry McAuliffe knowsit…andhe’sfighting FOR IT…

But GlennYoungkin, hemade it clear whohe’sfor when he said,“So much of why I’m running is Donald Trump.”

And when he said COVID relief for the Black communitywas unnecessary.Unnecessary?

So, in the end,this election issimple.Terry McAuliffe is with us. Glenn Youngkin is with Trump. 

I’mTerryMcAuliffeandI’masking for your vote. You can vote early, right now.

People for the American Way paid for this ad, Authorized by Terry McAuliffe.


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