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IN VIRGINIA: People For the American Way Announces Spanish-Language Radio Ad Buy Focused on Defeating MAGA Republicans 


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Washington, DC— People For the American Way announced a Spanish-language radio ad buy in Virginia, with a bold call to reject MAGA Republicans and vote Democratic up and down the ballot. The ad also focuses on the importance of protecting Virginians against power grabs by MAGA Republicans this Tuesday, November 7, because they want to take away the freedom to learn, access to abortion care, and give even more money to wealthy corporations.

“Reject,” a 60 second ad, which begins airing today, will air several times a day, through Election Day, across the Washington, DC metropolitan area and Northern, Virginia, on Spanish-language radio stations.

There are an estimated 32 million eligible Latino voters nationwide. In Virginia, Latino voters make up 5.5% of eligible voters in the state, about 341,000 out of an estimated 6.2 million voters. The ad is being released against the backdrop of recent turmoil across the state where more than 3,000 qualified voters were purged from voter rolls, a school board candidate in Fairfax County was disqualified because of a clerical error that will nullify the votes of those who already cast their ballots, and as control of the state legislature hinges on justfour Senate seats andseven House seats that are tossups.

“MAGA Republican authoritarianism affects everyone, and we have to get that message out across Virginia,” said People For the American Way President Svante Myrick. “It takes all of us to stand up and defend democracy. These ads remind voters what’s at stake in this election, in clear and honest terms, and they empower voters to get out to the polls and reject MAGA Republican power grabs.”

Additionally, digital ads will go live this week urging voters in target districts to get out and vote, as People For simultaneously increases rapid response support for Marcia St. John-Cunning, a People For endorsee and candidate for the Franconia district school board seat in Fairfax County who was kicked off the ballot via a lawsuit brought in Virginia circuit court by MAGA Republicans.

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People For “Reject,”:60






El día de las elecciones, el 7 de noviembre, los republicanos MAGA de todo Virginia quieren quedarse con todo el poder político.

Quieren prohibir el aborto, prohibir libros y jugar sucio con nuestra economía para favorecer a las compañías ricas y no a la gente como nosotros.

Vota por los demócratas para el Senado y la Cámara de Representantes del Estado, y para cada escaño en la boleta electoral, incluyendo el gobierno local y la junta escolar.

Porque si no lo hacemos, los republicanos MAGA nos acaparan el poder para quitarnos aún más de nuestros derechos.

Usa tu poder: vota Demócrata para defender nuestros derechos y nuestro progreso.

Para más información, visita p f a w punto org raya Virginia.

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On Election Day, November seventh, MAGA Republicans across Virginia are attempting a power grab at every level, from Virginia’s legislature to school boards.

They want to outlaw abortion, BAN BOOKS and rig our economy to favor wealthy companies over people like us.

Vote Democrat for State Senate and House, and for every office on the ballot, including local government and school board.

Because if we don’t, MAGA Republicans will make power grabs for even more of our rights.

Use your power: vote Democrat to stand up for our rights and our progress.

For more information, visit p f a w dot org slash Virginia.

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