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In Virginia: People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! Program and Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe Kick Off Six-Figure Media Buy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9, 2021

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Washington D.C./Richmond, Virginia — Today, People For the American Way, in partnership with the campaign for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, announced a six-figure statewide Spanish language media campaign in Virginia, focused on increasing Latino turnout in support of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe in the state’s gubernatorial election. The campaign kicks off with radio ads slated to run on Spanish-language radio stations across the commonwealth.

The radio ads begin airing today and run through Election Day on November 2. Virginians can begin voting on September 17. The first ad released today contrasts the Republican candidate’s dangerous positions surrounding the management of the COVID pandemic with McAuliffe’s responsible, safe, and economically-centered approach to move Virginia forward.

Listen to the ad here. Ad script is below.

“Virginians will soon head to the polls to elect their new governor,” said President of People For the American Way Ben Jealous. “Virginians have a decision to make: do they want a responsible governor who will work to keep the people of the state safe and the economy growing as we continue to deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Or do they want a Trump proxy, who is unwilling to listen to our scientists and experts? This is what is on the line on November 2nd and this is what we are trying to convey with this new ad.”

“It’s simple: by following the science and getting every eligible Virginian vaccinated as quickly as possible, we will defeat this virus, keep our economy strong, and move Virginia forward,” said Terry McAuliffe. “Together we can and will give every Virginia child a world-class education, make health care more affordable, create more good-paying jobs, accelerate the minimum wage to $15 by 2024, and build a stronger post-COVID economy.”

“We know Latinos in Virginia have the power to decide the winner of this election,” said People For the American Way Political Director Lizet Ocampo. “In past cycles, the work done by our Latinos Vote! program in Virginia resulted in strong party preference and historic turnout and victories for Progressives and Democrats up and down the ballot. This year, we are doing the work again to ensure Latino voters have access to information about the drastic difference between the candidates. On the Republican side, we have a Trump-endorsed extremist in Glenn Youngkin, who misrepresents himself and tries to pass as a moderate. In contrast, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, who is endorsed by President Joe Biden, supports policies that benefit Latino families and hardworking Virginians, from creating good jobs and strengthening the economy to increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour. When Latino voters learn the real policy positions of the candidates, they vote for the Democrat in higher proportions and are more motivated to cast a ballot.”

Ad Script in Spanish 

VO: Amigos, tenemos una decisión importante en la elección para Gobernador de Virginia. Con la variante Delta, el COVID sigue amenazando nuestra salud y economía.

Pero, el candidato republicano descarta la ciencia de los CDC. Dice que seguiría el ejemplo del gobernador de la Florida, donde los hospitales están llenos de niños enfermos. Al contrario, el candidato demócrata.

Terry McAuliffe recomienda que las escuelas sigan los consejos de los CDC y requeriría las vacunas para empleados estatales.

Terry seguirá las recomendaciones de los científicos. Así salimos de la pandemia más rápido, que es lo mejor para nuestra economía.

También ha creado muchos trabajos con sueldos buenos y apoya subir el salario mínimo a $15 la hora. La salud de nuestras familias y una economía fuerte dependen de nosotros.

Comenzando este septiembre 17, votemos por adelantado por el demócrata Terry McAuliffe para gobernador.

DISCLAIMER: Pagado por People For the American Way y autorizado por Terry para Virginia.

English Translation:

VO: Friends, we have an important decision in the election for Governor of Virginia.

With the Delta variant, COVID continues to threaten our health and economy.

But, the Republican candidate dismisses the science of the CDC. He said he would follow the example of the governor of Florida, where hospitals are full of sick children.

In contrast, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe recommends that schools follow the advice from the CDC and would require vaccines for state employees. Terry will follow scientists’ recommendations. That is how we get out of the pandemic faster, which is the best for our economy.

He also has created many good paying jobs and supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

The health of our families and a strong economy depend on us. 

Starting this September 17th, let’s vote early for Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor. 

DISCLAIMER: Paid for by People For the American Way and authorized by Terry for Virginia.

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People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! program exposes and counters anti-immigrant, anti-Latino rhetoric and policies. Through electoral work and issue-based campaigns, we hold groups, leaders and influencers accountable for the harm they do to immigrant and Latino communities. For nearly ten years, we’ve run bilingual paid and earned media campaigns in swing states where the Latino vote can be decisive.

El programa Latinos Vote! de People For the American Way expone y combate la retórica y las políticas anti-inmigrantes y anti-latinos. Nuestro programa se organiza mediante trabajo electoral y campañas basadas en temas especificos. En estas areas hacemos responsables a los grupos, líderes y a personas de influencia por el daño que causan a las comunidades inmigrantes y latinas. Por casi diez años, hemos realizado campañas pagadas y logrado campañas ganadas en medios bilingües destinadas a ganar en los estados claves donde el voto latino puede ser decisivo.

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