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In Virginia: People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! Program and Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe Release New Radio Ad in Six-Figure Media Buy, Featuring Senator Tim Kaine


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Washington D.C./Richmond, Virginia — U.S. Senator and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is featured in a new radio ad released this week by People For the American Way, in partnership with the campaign for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. The ad is the latest in a six-figure statewide Spanish-language media campaign in Virginia, focused on increasing Latino turnout in support of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe in the state’s gubernatorial election.

The new ad features Kaine, a fluent Spanish speaker, explaining why he supports Terry McAuliffe for governor. Kaine highlights McAuliffe’s record as a job creator as well as his pro-worker platform, including a pledge to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, secure paid sick leave for workers, and follow a sound science-based policy to lead Virginia out of the COVID pandemic and into a better economic future.

The ad is 60 seconds long, began airing on October 12, and will run through Election Day on November 2. Virginians began voting on September 17. This is the third Spanish language radio ad released by People For’s Latinos Vote! Program in partnership with the McAuliffe campaign. A Spanish-language TV ad was also released in October.

Listen to the latest ad here. Ad script is below.

Previous Virginia radio ads can be found here.

“Tim Kaine is absolutely right to focus on Terry McAuliffe’s strong pro-working families record and policies, which will bring about a better future for Virginia,” said President of People For the American Way Ben Jealous. “This gubernatorial race is about the livelihoods, health, and well-being of the people of Virginia. There is only one candidate who has a plan to protect Virginia’s working families and keep the state moving forward and that’s Terry McAuliffe. Our goal is to get that message across to as many Virginians as possible by election day.”

“Terry McAuliffe and Tim Kaine both earned the respect of Virginia’s Latino community in their terms as governor,” said People For the American Way board member Dolores Huerta. “It’s exciting to hear former Governor Kaine speak about Terry McAuliffe’s great record and plans to lift up working families. Latino families in Virginia will have a real champion in Richmond with a McAuliffe administration, and we’re working hard to get the word out to voters to vote for McAuliffe early or on November 2.”

“If we’re going to build a stronger post-COVID economy that lifts up everyone, we must ensure that Virginia families get the support they need,” said Terry McAuliffe. “That starts with ensuring every eligible Virginian is vaccinated, giving Virginia workers a much needed raise, making sure everyone has paid sick, family, and medical leave, and making childcare more affordable. Together with Senator Kaine, we will deliver for Virginia families and build a stronger Commonwealth and economy for all.”

Ad Script in Spanish 

Tim Kaine:

Hola, soy el senador Tim Kaine.

Quiero expresar mi confianza en Terry McAuliffe para ser nuestro próximo gobernador de Virginia.

Su liderazgo generó doscientos mil empleos y salarios aumentaron por un catorce por ciento.

 Virginia es un gran estado de oportunidades.

 Pero necesitamos su voto, como lo hicimos en el 2020, cuando dos punto cinco millones en Virginia votaron en contra de Donald Trump.

 Terry luchará para aumentar el salario mínimo a quince dolares la hora…luchará para que todos tengamos días pagados para recuperar de una enfermedad…y seguirá la ciencia para combatir esta pandemia.

 Por eso confío en Terry McAuliffe.

 Así que por favor vote temprano hasta el 30 de octubre o en el día de elección el 2 de noviembre.

 ¡Juntos podemos lograr un mejor futuro para Virginia!! 


VO: Pagado por People For the American Way y autorizado por Terry para Virginia.

English Translation:

Tim Kaine: 

Hi, I’m Senator Tim Kaine.

 I want to express my confidence in Terry McAuliffe to be our next governor of Virginia.

 His leadership generated two hundred thousand high-paying jobs and salaries increased by fourteen percent.

 Virginia is the land of opportunity.

 But we need your vote, like we did in 2020 when 2.5 million in Virginia voted against Donald Trump.

 Terry will fight to increase the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour…fight for everyone to have paid leave for sick days to recuperate from illness…and he will follow the science to get out of this pandemic.

 That’s why I trust Terry McAuliffe.

 So please vote early until October 30 or on election day on November 2.

 Together we can achieve a better future for Virginia!


VO: Paid for by People For the American Way and authorized by Terry for Virginia.

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