McCain Courts the Right, Attacks Families


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This weekend, The New York Times reported that Senator McCain said flatly that he opposed allowing gay couples to adopt. “I think that we’ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family so, no, I don’t believe in gay adoption.”

Later, in an effort to backpedal, the McCain campaign put out a purported “clarification” of the Senator’s position, stating that Senator McCain believes that “caring parental figures are better for the child than the alternative [i.e. — abandonment.]”

In response, People For the American Way President Kathryn Kolbert said,

“In John McCain’s world, gay parents would be the parents of last resort, and families headed by same-sex couples would be second class substitutes. It’s disappointing that Senator McCain would ignore the mountains of personal stories and social science research that refute his point. Instead, he’s chosen to give in to the obsolete stereotypes and bigotry of the Religious Right leaders he’s so arduously courting.

“Not all families look the same, and same-sex couples are every bit as capable and worthy of raising children as opposite sex couples. If Senator McCain needs evidence, we would be happy to introduce him to any number of wonderful, bright, happy children to testify to that fact.”