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McCain Sticks to Bush Script on Judges


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Sen. John McCain’s speech about judges today stuck to the script written by right-wing ideologues and followed by President George W. Bush.

People For the American Way President Kathryn Kolbert released the following statement about Sen. McCain’s speech:

Here’s what McCain was really telling the party base: If you liked George W. Bush’s nominees, you’re going to love the judges John McCain will put on the bench.

McCain also touted his support for the so-called Gang of 14 as a supposed sign of moderation. But the fact is that he has voted to give lifetime jobs as federal judges to every one of President Bush’s most dangerous and damaging nominees. And they’re already eroding individual rights and legal protections. We’re all going to be living with the consequences of those votes for a long, long time.

The two Supreme Court justices nominated by President Bush are already making it harder for workers mistreated on the job to get justice. They’re letting politicians get away with making it harder for some people to vote. They’re redefining our Constitution and laws to erode progress on women’s rights, educational opportunity, environmental protections, and more.

People For the American Way activists were on hand at Wake Forest University to let attendees know the consequences of Sen. McCain’s unwavering support for Bush judicial nominees who are undermining Americans’ rights and legal protections. Activists held a banner reading “Sen. McCain: We don’t need more bad Bush judges,” and distributed information about the damage done by the Bush judiciary. Before the speech, People For also distributed a translation guide to right-wing buzz words McCain was expected to use.