New “Move On” Ads Launched for Final Countdown to Elections


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As the countdown to the November 3 elections reaches its final days, People For the American Way today unveiled the final stage of its ad campaign urging Americans to use their votes to make Congress move on to the people’s work.

At a noon news conference at its Washington headquarters, PFAW previewed three new 30-second TV spots that will air nationwide on CNN and in major local media markets in a final get-out-the-vote push through Election Day. Included in the media buy are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Portland, OR, Providence, Little Rock, Des Moines, Albany, NY, and the Quad Cities (IL/IA).

The launch of the new ads came on the same day that America was celebrating another launch, one that transformed Senator John Glenn, once again, into Astronaut John Glenn.

“While one set of Americans is rocketing into space, the rest of us Americans back on earth have another kind of countdown going,” said People For the American Way President Carole Shields. “We’re now T-minus five days and counting from the last congressional elections of this century. November 3 will launch our nation’s mission into the next century – and the voters will set our course.”

The new ads follow up and further develop the “Move On” theme of the first ad in the series, which began airing on October 6. The new ads reflect the messages that the American people have been sending in public opinion polls and in their direct response to People For’s ads.

“The people know what’s important to the country – and they know a partisan lynching when they see it,” said Shields. “They know they didn’t vote for Ken Starr – but they did elect Bill Clinton. They believe the President made a mistake, but they don’t think that mistake justifies overturning the 1996 election.”

The ads’ bottom-line message boils down to a single word: Vote!

“The people know that the right-wing Republicans will pound the impeachment drum as long as they can get any advantage from it,” said Shields. “Our message is: You can stop them with your vote.”