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Palin Endorses Article Equating Obama with Hitler, Calling Obama Voters ‘Useful Idiots’


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Last night, former GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin tweeted her endorsement of an article by Thomas Sowell that compares President Obama to Hitler and calls those who voted for him “useful idiots.”

People For the American Way President Michael B. Keegan said:

“Sowell’s article would be ridiculous if it weren’t so vile, and it deserves to be marginalized. That Palin, a leader of the Republican Party, would encourage her hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers to read it, while implying her agreement with its argument, is troubling. Does Palin agree with Sowell that President Obama’s work to hold BP accountable for the worst oil spill in American history can be compared to the actions of Hitler? Does she agree that the 53% of Americans who voted for Obama are ‘useful idiots’?

“The American people deserve answers from Palin. And we deserve to know whether the Republican Party will continue to hold her up as a champion of its values.”