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People For and People For Foundation Name New Executive Vice President and Director of Development


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People For the American Way and People For the American Way Foundation, affiliated national social justice advocacy organizations with headquarters in Washington, have named Sharon J. Lettman as Executive Vice President of Leadership Programs and External Affairs and Linnea Hegarty as Senior Director of Development. Lettman and Hegarty will play key roles in helping People For advance the values of freedom, fairness, and equal opportunity.

In her expanded role, Sharon Lettman will oversee the implementation of People For and People For Foundation’s goals and objectives for their national programs, including the Young People For program, African American Religious Affairs programs and the Young Elected Officials Network. Lettman joined People For in 2001 and will continue to oversee People For’s external marketing and relationships with supporters, allies, key constituency groups, and the public. Her work was recently featured in the Gill Foundation’s annual report, which identified her as a key ally for the LGBT equality movement. Lettman is one of 24 progressive leaders (PDF link) selected by the Rockwood Leadership Institute from more than 240 nominees for the 2008-2009 Leading from the Inside Out Fellowship, which is designed to strengthen leadership in the nonprofit sector. Lettman also serves on the executive committee and board of the National Equity Center, a non-partisan organization established to promote diversity and democratic values.

Linnea Hegarty brings considerable experience and expertise to People For, where she oversees development and fundraising. During her career, she has served as director of strategic planning and development at the Center for American Progress, major gifts director for the League of Conservation Voters, and national development director for the New Democrat Network. She was also the deputy national finance director for Governor Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign and national finance director for Richardson for President. Most recently, Hegarty acted as a consultant to the United Way of the National Capital area.

“I am thrilled to announce the new roles for Sharon Lettman and Linnea Hegarty within People For,” said Kathryn Kolbert, President of People For and People For Foundation. “Sharon has proven herself to be a visionary leader in the fight for equality and will accomplish more than ever in her new capacity, and Linnea has a track record of excellence in sustaining and expanding resources for crucial progressive projects. They are exactly what our organizations need to move confidently ahead.”

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