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People For Applauds Robinson Confirmation


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Washington, D.C.– Following today’s Senate confirmation of Beth Robinson for a seat on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“Beth Robinson’s confirmation is a milestone for the federal courts and a great development for the millions of people living and working in the Second Circuit. Judge Robinson will be the first openly LGBTQ+ woman on any federal circuit court. She has served with distinction on the Vermont Supreme Court and has had a notable legal career upholding workers’ rights and LGBTQ+ rights. With every new confirmation of a federal judge, the Biden-Harris administration and Senate leadership are moving us closer to the ideal of a federal judiciary that truly serves all the people, not just the privileged few. And they are doing it at a rate that demonstrates their commitment to the courts as the top priority that they are.”

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