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People For Proudly Announces Its Endorsement of Bee Nguyen, Candidate for Georgia Secretary of State


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Washington, DC — Today, People For the American Way’s Next Up Victory Fund announced its endorsement of Bee Nguyen, candidate for Georgia Secretary of State.

Nguyen’s candidacy is critically important following the 2020 presidential election, when former President Donald Trump tried pressuring officials, who now support Georgia’s anti-voter legislation, to overturn Georgia’s election results. As a champion for Georgia voters, Nguyen challenged the Trump campaign’s effort to provide false evidence of voter fraud to Georgia lawmakers and undermine the legitimacy of Georgia’s election.

“We are proud to endorse Bee Nguyen because we know she’s committed to equal ballot access and will put the Secretary of State’s office on the side of all Georgia voters, including young voters and voters of color,” said People For the American Way President Ben Jealous. “Ms. Nguyen is part of the People For family and as the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, she understands what it means to ensure that every voice is heard in our democracy.”

“As a Georgia resident who has witnessed voter suppression efforts first-hand, I know we must do everything we can to protect the right to vote,” said Rev. Timothy McDonald, co-chair of the People For the American Way Board. Bee Nguyen is a provenleader who is committed to the values of freedom, fairness and equity for all Georgians.”

“Bee Nguyen represents young candidates who will be true champions of rebuilding an inclusive democracy that works for everyone,” said People For the American Way Senior Director of Strategy Lizet Ocampo. “Ms. Nguyen is dedicated to protecting the values that we all hold dear for years to come.”

People For first endorsed Bee Nguyen as candidate for Georgia State Representative District 89, in 2017. Since then, People For has supported Nguyen’s efforts to address concerns of all communities facing crises.

Since 2017, PFAW’s Next Up Victory Fund has helped elect over 260 young progressives to state and local office.

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