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People For Releases “Fact Sheets: Biden Versus Trump Judges” Detailing the Impact of Judges on American Rights and Liberties in Five Key Areas 


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Washington, DC — As America enters the key 2024 election year, People For the American Way released today, “Fact Sheets: Biden Versus Trump Judges,” offering a comparative analysis of rulings by judges nominated by Donald Trump and President Joe Biden in five specific areas: abortion and reproductive freedom; gun safety; environment and health; workers’ rights; and democracy and voting.  

The fact sheets highlight what is at stake for all of us this election year – who will decide on Supreme Court justices and other federal judges to be nominated beginning in 2025, and what that means for the rights and liberties of all Americans.   

“The comparison of Biden and Trump judges is stark and these fact sheets offer a clear look at how an administration can leave behind a legacy of harm and devastation or a legacy of fair-minded decisions and protections that support our human and civil rights,” said People For the American Way President Svante Myrick. “The next president will nominate federal judges starting in 2025, and those judicial nominees, when confirmed, will make a key difference in the way we all live our daily lives and how we thrive as individuals, as communities, and as a nation.”  

“It’s crucial that we examine and reinforce the importance of fair courts and fair-minded judges, and the forward-looking ‘Biden v. Trump Judges’ analysis contextualizes the threads woven under each president,” said Elliot Mincberg, People For the American Way senior counsel long-time Supreme Court expert and author of the fact sheets. “Both Supreme Court justices and lower court judges play an important role in the issues we face and the coming year will determine whether it is Biden or Trump who nominates judges in the future.” 

High profile cases (and related cases) with a breakdown of decisions from both Biden and Trump judges, include:  

  • Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization and US v Texas (Abortion and Reproductive Justice) 
  • New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v Bruen (Gun Safety) 
  • West Virginia v EPA (Environment and Health) 
  • American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) v Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) (Workers’ Rights) 
  • Baltimore County Branch of the NAACP v Baltimore County (Voting Rights and Democracy) 

 During the fall, People For introduced a monthly feature reviewing recent contributions by Biden judges on the federal bench. People For’s August, 2023 Fact Sheets on Biden judges’ important rulings and July, 2023 report Hope for Our Courts: The Impact of Biden Judges also provide helpful context.

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