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People For Responds to President Biden’s Remarks on the “Safer America Plan”


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Washington, DC — In response to President Biden’s speech today on making our communities safer through investing in community policing and crime prevention, People For the American Way Executive Director Svante Myrick released the following statement:

“Communities are safer when they are more just and that requires transforming public safety through proven structural changes that enhance safety and accountability for all of us — not just dumping officers without proper training and psychological vetting onto the street. We cannot continue to ignore how routine interactions with armed officers have led to violence, unjustified killings, and confusing rhetoric that frightens people and peddles a false choice between being just or safe. While Biden is right in acknowledging that we need public trust and investments in community policing, we believe it is crucial to also address underlying safety and social needs for all communities. We must hold unfit officers responsible and accountable for their actions, remove unfit officers, and recruit well-trained public safety officials. We encourage the public officials in cities across America to adopt the policy solutions, based on the Ithaca Public Safety Model and laid out in the All Safe: Transforming Public Safety report, that help us make everyone safer.”

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