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People For Responds to the Failure to Convict Donald Trump, Again

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 13, 2021

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WASHINGTON, DC—In response to today’s failure to convict Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“Today, Senate Republicans completely abandoned their constitutional duty to hold Donald Trump accountable for ‘incitement of insurrection’ against our government, despite overwhelming evidence of his role in the deadly attack against the Capitol.  No president or elected official should ever be allowed to incite an insurrection against their own government in an effort to subvert the will of voters and rip apart the fabric of our democracy.  For too long, the privileged and powerful in our society have gotten away with wrongdoing at every level.  For this reason, Trump’s acquittal in the Senate makes it all the more important that we double down on democracy reforms like the ones in H.R. 1, the For the People Act, which would break the stranglehold of wealthy special interests on our government.  Now it’s time to strengthen voting rights so that our elected officials are chosen by all the people and not a minority that suppresses the votes of American citizens in a desperate attempt to overturn free and fair elections.”

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