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People For Responds to the Federal Court’s Decision to Block Biden’s Moratorium on Deportations


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Washington, D.C. — Following the news that Texas Federal Judge Drew Tipton temporarily blocked President Joe Biden’s executive order placing a 100-day moratorium on deportations, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“The federal court’s decision to block President Biden’s pause on deportations in a lawsuit by notorious Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a known Trump ally, is a blow to the immigrant community.  Using the courts to maintain racist, anti-immigrant policies that are rooted in cruelty and fear goes against the spirit of who we are as Americans and what we can become. Let’s be clear: Trump filled the courts with judicial appointees who remain committed to supporting his heinous agenda well after his presidency.  This order should serve as an alarming reminder that courts matter– especially in a nation that aspires to equal justice, fairness and opportunity for everyone.  There are two solutions to the problem this order highlights: Congress and the Biden-Harris administration must move swiftly to create and fill new federal judgeships in courts around the country that represent our values as a nation, and they must also build a compassionate and fair immigration system our country so desperately needs.”


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