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People For the American Way Blasts Wisconsin GOP’s Impeachment Threats

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 7, 2023

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Washington D.C. –  Following reports that Wisconsin Republicans are threatening to impeach newly-elected state supreme court justice Janet Protasiewicz, People For the American Way President Svante Myrick released the following statement:

“Republicans have clearly decided that from now on whenever they lose an election, they’ll try to undemocratically overturn the results. Their latest target is Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz, who was just elected and has not yet ruled on a single case. Republican officials in the state couldn’t care less that their fellow Wisconsinites exercised their rights and elected Justice Protasiewicz; they lost, so they want to impeach her.  It’s pathetic, and we’re confident that Wisconsin voters will not stand for this attempt to disenfranchise them after a free and fair election.”


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