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People For the American Way Calls for Investigation of DOJ Spying on Congress


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Washington, D.C. – Following revelations that the Justice Department during the Trump administration conducted a covert investigation of Democratic Congress members perceived to be Trump’s political enemies, including subpoenas of their and their staffs’ communications records and their families’ records, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“More and more revelations are coming out that make it clear the Trump administration rivaled the infamous Nixon administration for its unscrupulous spying on and persecution of its political ‘enemies.’ It is deeply disturbing to learn that Trump ordered ‘his’ Justice Department to pursue what looks like a politically motivated, unjustifiably aggressive investigation of Congress members and their families in an ostensible search for ‘leakers.’ The Department of Justice inspector general must conduct an investigation of this activity and the attorney general should take appropriate action if there is evidence of improper political motivation. The American people deserve to know, and see action taken, if the president and those he placed in charge of the Department of Justice abused its power in order to invade the privacy of lawmakers and private citizens in furthering a political agenda.”

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