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People For the American Way: ‘Put a Foot Down’ on Blue Slips     


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Washington D.C. – Following Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s (R-MS) statement that she would refuse to return a “blue slip” indicating approval of going forward with Biden nominee Scott Colom for a seat on the federal district court for the Northern District of Mississippi, People For the American Way President Svante Myrick released the following statement:

“Sen. Hyde-Smith’s arguments for why she won’t support even a hearing on Scott Colom are specious and offensive. But whatever the ruse, Hyde-Smith’s announcement that she will not support going forward with Colom’s nomination is the latest move in the Republicans’ long-running obstruction of Biden judicial nominees via the blue slip process, and it’s time to call them on it. We applaud the White House for moving forward on this nomination after diligent efforts to work with the home-state senators. Now it’s time for the Senate Judiciary Committee to put a foot down.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Durbin has been more than patient with Republican delay and obstruction. We urge the Committee to schedule hearings for Scott Colom, who has received a blue slip from Mississippi’s senior senator, Sen. Wicker, and make it clear that from now on the threat to withhold a blue slip after efforts to work with the home state senators will no longer derail the entire process of judicial nominations. Filling all vacancies with fair-minded judges is crucial to ensure that we have one, not two, systems of justice in America.”

People For notes that while this nomination has been delayed, many cases on civil rights and related issues are currently pending in Mississippi, including in the Northern District. These concern issues like employment discrimination, voting rights, ADA, and criminal justice reform.


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